The promotion offers a simple image with minimalist geometry.


The dwelling buildings are is located in the new growing area of the city of Córdoba, on the Trassierra road, in landscaped plots. Its project was the winner of a competition held by la Caixa, through the social activities developed by Foment Immobiliari Assequible.
The residential program is divided into five blocks of five stories and basement. Houses are developed by floors with three- and four-bedrooms typologies, grouped around a single vertical communication nucleus per block. Three of them are cubic in shape and organize “technical rooms” (bathroom and kitchen) and “living rooms”, in two “rings”, interior one and on the façade, both concentric to the communication nucleus. The foothills of Sierra Morena are the natural background of a residential model that combines multi-family typology with the lower density of landscaped outdoor spaces.
The promotion offers a serene image with minimalist geometry. The composition of flown terraces and voids of different sizes, and random arrangement, provide a friendlier implantation than the repetitive alignments more common in social housing. The perforated metal sheet sliding lattices on the terraces favor a changing dynamism on the facades.


Architect: Iñaki Pérez de la Fuente + Cristina García Baeza
Collaborator: Rafael Iniesta Nowell. Architect.
Structure Engineering: JC Ingeniería. Facilities Engineering: Indesolar Ingenieros
Location: Córdoba
Client: Foment Immobiliari Assequible. Obra social ‘La Caixa’
Project: 2015
Construction Company: Tarraco Constructora S.L.U.
Photos: OAM arquitectos