Place of Culture, Relationship and meeting. A place to want to go.


Three buildings are the target of the Competition: Music Center, Archaeological site, and Parking Building. Located in the lower area of the southern edge of Carmona. The different urban incidents that have affected this area have generated a fracture in the urban fabric, accentuated by the difference in level with the upper area of Puerta de Sevilla, turning the surroundings of the slaughterhouses into a marginal hollow with urban routes outside the city. , partly due to the precarious uses that currently exist in them.

In order to lower the upper level of the wall around the slaughterhouse in its highest part, a topographic rehabilitation is proposed, with the terrain talus. The new sloped urban park in its northern part smooths out the sharp unevenness and allows two openings to facilitate routes and communication between the urban framework and the lower area. . Through the new park, the proposal aims to recover such a strategic area for Carmona.

The lower street is transformed into a continuation of the public spaces and landscaped areas that frame and surround the new facilities, oriented to each other, and to the north, due to the existence of precarious constructions to the south. Special care has been taken to reorganize public spaces, in which the life of Carmonenses and visitors will fill with activities, linked to music and the rich archaeological heritage that the long history of the city treasures. To the south of Carmona, in the lower part of the escarpment, the Old and New Mataderos can stop being a hollow disconnected from the city routes, and become a space that is close and loved by Carmonenses and visitors to the city.


Architects: Iñaki Pérez de la Fuente + Cristina García Baeza
Collaborator: Marta Torres Fernández. Architect
Location: Carmona (Seville)
Client: Carmona Municipal Council
Project: 2023