9x9x9 HOUSE

A sustainable project inspired by traditional Mediterranean architecture, with a minimalist design.


The 9 x 9 x 9 house is located on an 81 m2 plot in the Historic Center of Malaga. The project designs an inner world made up of built and void parts. And the usual program of an urban dwelling is here expanded with a garden, a terrace with a swimming pool and an orchard. These common spaces in rural plots are unusual in Historic Centers, but thanks to them, and the translucent polycarbonate façade that wraps them, the house is protected from outside views and urban bustle. Thus, private outdoor spaces improve the quality of life of built interior rooms, without diminishing their sunlight. A sustainable project inspired by traditional Mediterranean architecture, which allows a minimalist design without air conditioning installations.
Once inside the property, the interior of the house is accessed through a landscaped outdoor area covered on the second floor. The day area on the first floor is open to the patio, and contains in the same space, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The outdoor patio houses the terrace with pool with cross views of the entire house and the lower garden. The bedrooms are on the second floor. Finally, the roof terrace completes the program with service areas, play areas and the garden.


Architects: Iñaki Pérez de la Fuente + Cristina García Baeza
Marta Fernández Torres. Andrea Cabrera Cosano. Architects
Structure Engineering: Ingesa Ingeniería. Facilities Engineering: 3.14GA Ingenieros
Kitchen: KOKKEN Cocinas
Location: Málaga
Area: 203 m²
Client: Private
Project: 2020 (under construction)