A mediterranean patio located in the Cantábrico. A little South in the North.


A house located in the north of Spain. It is an integral rehabilitation and extension of an existing rural house in ruins, to convert it into a family house. The meadow in which it is located has an area of 21.000m2 and the new house 215 m2. To the southeast it borders the road that joins the municipality of Escalante with Argoños and Santoña. To the southwest and northwest with two neighboring plots. The new access to the house is to the northeast, through an existing rural road.It is a very rural setting: Santoña Marshes, Mount Buciero and Mount Hano, visible from the southern part of the plot.

The developer family’s program of needs is for a single-family house with five bedrooms.

The recovery and rehabilitation of the original building is contemplated, understanding and valuing its typological characteristics and identity. To this end, the stone façade and the “solana” balcony are recovered. Along with the rehabilitation of the original house, an extension is proposed. We studied the most favorable area for it, considering the northwest area the most appropriate, being the furthest away from the road. This extension is the only functional adaptation to the original program of the house, which retains its original uses of ground and upper floor.

This extension is carried out on the first floor and by means of a body independent from the original house, separated by a courtyard.


Architects: Iñaki Pérez de la Fuente + Cristina García Baeza
Collaborator: Javier Figuerola Palacios. Architect
Location: Escalante. Santoña
Area: 212,10 m² (plot: 20.971m²)
Client: Private
Structure and Facilities Engineering: Alejandro Cabanas Rodríguez
Construction Company: Construcciones Gonzalo Crespo
Photograph: OAM arquitectos