The layout of the buildings opens the views to the landscape and connects with Nature.


This project has been the winner of the Ideas Competition, open and anonymous, organized by the German School of Malaga, for the renovation and expansion of its current facilities and the incorporation of new buildings alongside the existing ones, whose location above sea level between pines and cork oaks, places it in an extraordinary landscape with the Mediterranean in the background.

The motto “Natürlich” anticipates the idea of the proposal: to incorporate that rich landscape into the architectural approaches. The project frees the ground, to expand the available free spaces, and thereby recover the views of the landscape. The new green spaces shape the College Campus, full of meeting places and new routes that enrich the exterior connections between the College pavilions.

The program consists of Primary Classrooms, Sports Pavilion and Assembly Hall, whose layout is staggered according to the unevenness and slope of the place. From the entrance on the upper level, only the Assembly Hall building is visible; the other pavilions are discovered through the tour of the Campus. This arrangement avoids “overloading and hiding” the nature of the site. Thus, the pavilions are, either above or below, opening the views of the landscape and connecting with Nature.


Architects: Iñaki Pérez de la Fuente + Cristina García Baeza
Marta Fernández Torres. Architect
Location: Ojén, Málaga
Area: 5.819,92 m².
Client: Málaga German School Patronage
Project: 2020 (in progress)