The result is a silent building that becomes transparent at dusk.


The Malaga Jewish Quarter Plan develops the new Plaza de la Judería and connects the city core with the archaeological area of the Roman Theater and the Muslim Fortress. The Municipal Office of the Historic Center of Malaga is located in this square. The program is completed with social housing and shopping on the ground floor. Despite the usual functional distribution that, in the same building, stacks the residential use over the office one, the project proposes the distribution of the program in two separate buildings with a common basement.
Social housing occupies a three-story building in the narrow strip of the plot. The Municipal office occupies a five-stories building and uses the roof of the residential building as an observatory of the Historic Center, subject of municipal study and management. In historic centers it is common for new buildings to seek integration through mimetic ways at the cost of their contemporary identity. However, the Municipal Office of the Historic Center of Malaga, does not shy away from this condition and creates a neutral urban background through an abstract facade made with a perforated sheet metal lattice. The result is a silent building that becomes transparent at dusk.


Architects: Iñaki Pérez de la Fuente + Cristina García Baeza
Collaborator: C&F Ingeniería Edificación y Patología
Structure Engineering: JC Ingeniería. Facilities Engineering: Indesolar Ingenieros
Location: Málaga
Client: Málaga City TownHall
Project: 2012
Construction Company: T. Arjona Construcciones
Photograph: Jesús Granada