Green courtyards ensure a bright, quiet and intimate studying atmosphere.



The Institute of Secondary Education “IES Italica” is located in the town of Santiponce, in Seville, next to the Archaeological Ensemble of the ancient Roman city of Itálica. His project was the winner of a contest carried out by the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía.
The Secondary, Baccalaureate and Training program is distributed by educational levels through a succession of patios. With the sunshine and the climate of Seville, the patios favor climatic comfort of students and teachers, and energy efficiency of the building. They also function as open-air classrooms, giving the Center greater versatility. Shared uses: laboratories, library, computer classrooms and restrooms, are located near the main staircase, avoiding interferences with the activities of the rest of the center. The administrative area has dual access and a teachers’ parking lot. The gym completes the outdoor sports courts.
Given the proximity of the N-630 highway, the Institute shows an outward strong geometry that protects the activity of the Center. Inside, the façades in the green courtyards ensure a bright, quiet and intimate studying atmosphere, which together with the visual serenity of the IES Italica balances the bustling daily activities of the Institute.


Architects: Iñaki Pérez de la Fuente + Cristina García Baeza
Collaborator: Fernando Camacho Medina. Civil Engineer
Location: Santiponce. Sevilla
Client: EPAISE. Consejería de Educación. Junta de Andalucía
Project: 2010
Construction Company: Díaz Cubero S.L.
Photos: Jesús Granada