The Hotel becomes a professional node and a privileged place to contemplate and understand the city of Malaga.


In the 1980s, Avenida de Velázquez was the only road between Malaga and other “Costa del Sol” municipalities. Accompanying the modernization of Malaga, its neighborhoods have been changing their original industrial character for a more residential and service ones. The Project site has warehouses and industrial buildings whose use is intended to be renewed with the Malaga Green Hotel project, which regenerates the urban layout by incorporating a large green area. Therefore, the accesses to the hotel are made through a park, that also improves the life quality of the neighboring dwelling.

Although tourism on the Costa del Sol, until a decade ago was mainly associated with other towns such as Torremolinos, Benalmádena or Marbella, the Malaga city renovation has attracted long-term visitors and digital nomads, who conceive Málaga as their temporary residence. To meet these new demands, the Malaga Green Hotel project offers a new way of living. Access to the hotel is multiple depending on the type of accommodation required, short, medium or long term. On the ground floor is the most classic access for first short-stay visitors. On the second floor, a garden square also gives access to areas of the hotel prepared for medium and long-stay visitors, who are more familiar with the hotel equipment and its routes.

Twelve stories high, the MGH has an area with a swimming pool and common services on the roof. On the seventh floor, a green square is conceived, where various activities take place: from the breakfast area or the restaurant, to conference rooms or multipurpose spaces that increase the versatility of the offer, such as a place to stay, leisure and business, also ideal for professional activities. With this, the Málaga Green Hotel becomes a professional node and a privileged place to contemplate and understand the city of Málaga.


Architects: Iñaki Pérez de la Fuente + Cristina García Baeza
Collaborators: Marta Torres Fernández. Architect
Location: Málaga
Client: Private
Project: 2020
Area: 9.400m2 + 5.400m2 (exterior)