The Project preserves the built envelope and empties the interior to gain space and light.


The Barriada de Girón on the Carretera de Cádiz, Málaga, is a neighborhood built in the 1950s whose homes are protected. The existing 50 m2 house has a front porch and a secondary rear terrace at a lower level. The integral renovation starts from incorporating these outdoor spaces to enrich the functional program.
The Project completely empties the interior of the small house made up of rooms distributed on a single floor above the rear terrace. The envelope is preserved and the interior is emptied to connect with the rear terrace and gain space and light. This increases the surface area and allows building two floors inside. For the new domestic program, the terrace is transformed into a garden, which allows the different rooms to be extended with routes and circulations that vary according to the season of the year. Violin music is part of the family that lives in the house; in a visual serenity that favors the melody.


Achitects: Iñaki Pérez de la Fuente + Cristina García Baeza
Collaborator: C&F Ingeniería Edificación y Patología
Structure Engineering: JC Ingeniería.
Facilities Engineering: Alejandra Trigueros de la Cruz
Location: Málaga
Area: 162,85 m²
Client: Private
Project: 2015
Construction Company: Construcciones Nebreda Martín SL
Photos: Jesús Granada